Republican Club of Solivita

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Letter from the President

President’s Message

Over the years, since the inception of the Republican Club of Solivita, aka RCS, in 2004, the club has continued to grow.  In fact, the Republican Club of Solivita is the largest Republican Club in the State of Florida. That is an honor in which each and every member of our Club should be extremely proud.

An election was held in January, 2021.  The current RCS board of officers and directors is as follows:

Pat Schmid – President

Bill Diercksen – Vice-President

Carol Rimdzius – Treasurer

John Townsend – Secretary

Glenn Larson – Webmaster Secretary

Jim Guth – Director (1 Year)

Michelle Weisinger – Director (1 Year)

George Tabak – Director (1 Year)

Bill Land – Director (2 Years)

Bill Murphy – Director (2 Years)

Chuck McGuirk – Director (2 Years)


With so many benefits associated with joining the Republican Club of Solivita, members take great pride in working with our Club, as well as on the election of Republican Candidates.  All this, while enjoying the benefits of meeting and associating with other Republicans who also have like interests and concerns, for our Solivita community, as well as our country.

I am asking you to become an active member, and to volunteer on the local level, as well as volunteering on County, State & National levels in the future.  As quickly as the year is passing, the year 2022 will be upon us.

Please encourage your friends to join the Republican Club of Solivita for only $15.00 per person annually.  An additional advantage to joining RCS is the cost savings for dinners.  Non-members pay $5.00 more per dinner event, thus making it a savings of at least $25.00 per year (based on 5 dinner meetings per year).

Should you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or concerns, please call me at 407-255-3300.  I will enjoy speaking with you!

Pat Schmid