Republican Club of Solivita

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Letter from the President

I hope you are enjoying our website and that it has served as a source of information that has proven interesting and informative.

In the past few years our club has been growing along with the population of Solivita.  We are now the largest Republican Club in the state of Florida. We ended 2019 with 520 members.  Your membership dues help us to continue to bring exciting speakers to Solivita.  Already this year we have had Stephen Bryen on China and are about to hear from Stephen Moore.  Both speakers have flown in from Washington to give us current information.

2020 is an election year with openings at the County, State, Local and the National level. Our focus at our bi-monthly dinner meetings has been to introduce all Republican candidates so that they can familiarize you with their views on key issues. This will allow you to make educated decisions in the voting booth. As a club, we do not endorse any candidate in the primary elections.

As individuals I encourage you not to be a bystander, but rather engage as a volunteer on local elections with the candidates of your choice.  On the National level, we need to make sure that President Donald J. Trump is re-elected so that we can “Keep America Great!”

There are many benefits to joining the Republican Club of Solivita some of which are working together to elect Republican candidates while enjoying the company of fellow Republicans who share your concerns and interests. Our members interact at our dinner meetings, attend special presentations and programs open to Members Only and travel together to places of interest.

Be where the action is in 2020!  Join the Republican Club of Solivita for only $15.00 per person annually.  You can fill out the Membership Application form and mail it in.  We encourage you to join before April so that you will be invited to attend the New Member Dinner Reception on April 16th.

Please keep checking our website for upcoming meetings and events.

If you have any questions, or suggestions,  please feel free to contact me by following this link.  If you would prefer to speak with me directly, email me your phone number.  I will be delighted to talk with you.


Carol Effrat