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What to Make of a Bad Week at the Supreme Court

By Hans A. von Spakovsky  

DACA Ruling Is Supreme Court’s Latest Act of Political Timidity
People gather to celebrate at The Supreme Court on June 18, 2020.
The Washington Post / Contributor / Getty Images


With the Supreme Court’s erroneous decision on immigration last week, Chief Justice John Roberts and other justices have done lasting damage to the Constitution, the rule of law, and accountable government.

It’s not just their decision concerning DACA, or their unsound decision to legislate from the bench by amending the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to include sexual orientation and gender identity. It’s also the justices’ refusal to take a single one of the numerous Second Amendment cases filed with the court, requesting it to overturn the flawed decisions of federal appeals courts. Heritage Senior Legal Fellow Hans von Spakovsky says the DACA ruling is just the icing on the cake. Read More