Republican Club of Solivita

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The name of the club shall be the Republican Club of Solivita, hereinafter referred to as the Club.



The objective of the Club shall be:

  1. To attract members into, and involve them in the Republican Party and subsequently provide them with a practical means of Republican Party participation, leadership training and political involvement at all levels of government.
  2. To support the principles, objectives and platform of the Republican Party and to help secure the election of all duly nominated Republican candidates in the general election and registered Republicans in non-partisan elections.



Section 1. Membership

The Club shall recognize the following two classes of membership.

  1. Active- Any registered Republican voter who resides within the boundaries of Solivita (Precincts 411 and 420).
  2. Associate – Any non-Republican resident of Solivita within the boundaries of precincts 411 or 420 or invited registered Republican from another precinct or county.

Section 2. Dues

The annual dues shall be set by the Executive Board and dues notices shall be sent to the members in January each year. At the Board’s discretion, dues may be reduced by half for new members joining after June 30.



Section 1.
The officers of the Club shall be a President, Vice President, Treasurer, WebmasterSecretary, and Communication Director. Officers must be members of Active membership classification in good standing with the club. Officers shall be elected annually at the regular meeting of the club during the month of January to serve a two year term. The President and Vice President shall serve terms concurrently beginning after the annual meeting in odd numbered years. The terms of the Treasurer, Webmaster – Secretary and Communications Director shall begin during even numbered years to maximize club leadership experience during election years. Assistants to the Webmaster- Secretary, Treasurer and Communications Director may be appointed by the President, to serve terms concurrent with these offices, provided the persons appointed are members in the Active membership classification and in good standing with the club.

Section 2. Duties and Responsibilities

The duties of the officers shall be:

    1. The President shall preside over all meetings of the Club and its Executive Board and exercise general supervision over all activities of the Club. The President shall have the power to appoint all committee chairpersons. 
    2. The Vice President shall assist the President in supervising the activities of the Club, and preside at all meetings in the absence of the President.
    3. The Webmaster-Secretary shall be the recording officer of the Club, including meetings of the Club and Executive Board, and shall keep a record of the minutes of such minutes, making those minutes available to the general membership. The Webmaster-Secretary shall maintain the club presence on the internet. The Assistant Webmaster-Secretary will handle tasks as assigned by the President and Webmaster-Secretary to assist with the promotion of club activities and record keeping.
    4. The Treasurer shall collect all funds paid to the Club or any of its committees, receipt therefore and deposit same in accounts designated by the club. The Treasurer shall be responsible for making all expenditures authorized by the Club. The Treasurer shall give a report at each Executive Board meeting of the Club’s financial status and a report to the general membership at the January annual meeting. The Assistant Treasurer will assist with the collection of all funds paid to the Club at meetings and give financial reports when the treasurer is not available.
    5. The Communication Director will maintain the email lists of the members, associate members and subscribers. The Communication Director will ensure timely delivery of club communications and notices to the appropriate audience.

Section 3.

All vacancies of offices shall be filled by majority vote at the next regular meeting of the Club after vacancy becomes known. In the event the office of President becomes vacant, the Vice President shall temporarily assume the office of President until a new President is elected at the next regular meeting.



Section 1.

The regular meetings of the Club shall be held at the date, time and location specified as determined by a majority vote of the Executive Board. The Club shall hold a minimum of six regular meetings each year.

Section 2.

The regular meeting held during the month of January shall be known as the Annual Meeting of the Club and shall be for, but not limited to, the election of officers and the Executive Board, who will serve for a period of one year.

Section 3.

Special meetings may be called by the President or by the Executive Board, or by written request of ten members of the Club. At least ten days’ notice must be given and the purpose of the special meeting must be stated in the notice.

Section 4.

Only members of Active classification shall be allowed to vote in meetings of the club. Pursuant to the Republican Party of Florida Rules of Procedure, proxy voting shall not be allowed in any meeting of the club.

Section 5.

Twenty percent (20%) of the Club’s current membership classified as Active shall constitute a quorum.



Section 1.

The officers of the Club plus up to six board members also elected at the annual meeting shall constitute the Executive Board. All members of the Executive Board shall be Active members. Non-officer executive board members shall be elected to serve a two year term, with half of the terms starting in odd years, half in even years. Executive board officers and members may serve a maximum of four years on the board before leaving for at least one year to encourage participation by new Active classification club members. If a vacancy occurs, the President may appoint any Active member to fill an unexpired board term, if approved by a simple majority vote of the current remaining board members.
All members of the Executive Board shall have a vote on matters before the Board. In the event of a tie vote, the President will cast the deciding vote. 

Section 2.

The Executive Board shall have general supervision of the affairs of the Club between regular meetings of the Club and fix the time and place for meetings of the Board. The Board shall be subject to the by-laws and orders of the Club, and none of its acts shall conflict with action taken by the club

Section 3.

Members of the Executive Board will agree to plan and co-host one regularly scheduled meeting of the membership during their year on the Board.



Section 1.

A Finance Committee composed of the Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer and one other member shall be appointed by the President promptly after each annual meeting. It shall be the duty of this committee to prepare a budget for the club.

Section 2.

A Program and Projects Committee of members shall be appointed by the President promptly after the annual meeting, whose duty it shall be to plan the programs and any special projects of the club.

Section 3.

An Auditing Committee of three members shall be appointed by the President at the annual meeting whose duty it shall be to audit the Treasurer’s account at the close of the fiscal year and to report at the next regular meeting following the annual meeting.

Section 4.

A Membership Committee of at least two members shall be appointed to develop initiatives and promotional programs to retain and build Club membership, with progress reports given to the Executive Board at their regularly scheduled meetings.

Section 5.

A Set Up and Supplies Committee of at least three members shall be appointed which will coordinate the physical arrangements with Solivita Lifestyles and purchase supplies needed to perform regularly scheduled and special meetings of the membership.

Section 6.

Such other committees, standing or special, shall be appointed by the President as deemed necessary to carry on the functions of the Club. The committee chairpersons of all standing committees shall be members of the Executive Board. The President shall be an ex-officio member of all committees.



Pursuant to the Republican Party of Florida Rules of Procedure, no chartered club or organization using the name Republican shall participate in intra-party differences. Nor shall it, as an organization, seek to influence the nomination or election of any Republican over another Republican unless the County Executive Committee has endorsed one Republican over another. Then the Club may seek to influence the election of the candidate endorsed by the County Executive Committee. Chartered clubs shall not entertain motions to adopt platform positions on issues or endorse candidates except that they may entertain such motions to take the same position or endorse the same candidate as the County Executive Committee has taken. Under no circumstances shall a chartered club invite a non-Republican to be a guest speaker at a club meeting or function without prior approval of the County Republican Executive Board. The Chairman of the Republican Party of Florida shall be the authority with respect to internal disputes referred to by any Club or member of a Club chartered under this rule.



The rules contained in “Roberts Rules of Order, Newly Revised” shall govern the Club in all cases to which they are applicable and in which they are not inconsistent with these By-laws, the Republican Party of Florida Constitution, the Republican Party of Florida Rule Procedure, and any special rules of order the club may adopt.



These by-laws may be amended at any regular meeting of the Club by a two-thirds vote, provided that the proposed amendment, from the executive board, has been submitted in writing at the previous meeting, and/or is made available for viewing by the membership on the Republican Club of Solivita website.


Adopted (date) September 16, 2015