Republican Club of Solivita

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Our By-laws



As Adopted by the Republican Club of Solivita on May 19, 2021


  1. The Republican Club of Solivita (RCS), shall meet six (6) times annually. Every effort will be made to have at least one meeting scheduled in each quarter.


  1. All officers are elected to two-year terms, staggered to enhance continuity and experience. President and Vice President are elected in January of odd numbered years. Secretary, Communication Manager, and Treasurer are elected in January of even numbered years.


  1. The Executive Board will include six Board Members. Board Members will be elected to two-year terms at the Annual meeting.  Terms will be staggered, similar to Officers. Seats 1, 3, and 5 will be elected in odd numbered years, Seats 2, 4, and 6 will be elected in even numbered years.


  1. Chairs of standing committees, sub-committees and ad-hoc committees are members of Executive Board. They shall have voice, but no vote in the proceedings. The President may, at his/her sole discretion, adjourn any meeting of the RCS Executive Board into executive session limited only to voting members, in accordance with practices and procedures of the Republican Party of Florida State Executive Committee.


  1. All Notices may be delivered via e-mail to an address provided by each member.


  1. Meeting of the RCS Executive Board may be held in any manner to allow participation by all members, including, but not limited to, conference calls and web meetings. The President may poll members of the RCS Executive Board via email or phone, provided reasonable time is equally given to each voting member to respond.


  1. Annual elections may be held by mail, if, in the judgement of the Executive Board, the Club size is incompatible with voting in person. Should this be done, a method should be implemented to ensure that membership of the voter is current for the voting year.


  1. Dues of the Club, if any, are set by the Executive Board in November of the preceding year and noticed to the membership by December 1 of the preceding year.


  1. The Communication Manager or other person assigned by the President will maintain a current list of all account sign-ins, passwords, PINs, verification questions and answers, etc. for all accounts. Persons making any changes to these shall notify the Secretary and the President of these changes within 24 hours.


  1. The Club shall make no endorsement, in action or appearance, in any political race, partisan or non-partisan, where more than one Republican is entered. The Club may forward, with an appropriate disclaimer, any political advertisement or notice requested by a candidate or campaign, subject to approval of the President.