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The Establishment is erasing Trump’s name and legacy from history

From: Royal Brown III <>
Date: June 3, 2021 at 6:55:32 AM EDT
Subject: The Establishment is erasing Trump’s name & legacy from history! Help me stop them!
Reply-To: Royal Brown III <>
The Establishment strikes again…

Royal, last session I proposed a bill that would rename Florida’s longest road, Highway 27, the Donald J. Trump Highway.

(The red line is Highway 27 – Florida’s longest road. I’ve proposed renaming the highway after President Trump to honor his legacy!)

Grassroots support for the bill EXPLODED! Over 25,000 people signed my petition and began demanding we rename the highway to honor one of our country’s greatest presidents.

What did so-called, “Republican Leadership” do with the bill?

These RINO’s decided to throw Trump supporters under the bus and killed the bill.

Even worse, they refused to even hear the bill in committee!

Make no mistake: The Establishment is attempting to erase President Trump’s name from the history books and destroy his legacy. 

I will NOT allow this to happen.

You and I must take legislative action to fight back. I am re-filing the bill in the Florida statehouse and will not back down.

Please show your support for renaming Highway 27 to the Donald J. Trump Highway by adding your name to my petition! Sign by clicking here >>>

Oklahoma recently passed a bill to rename one of their longest roads after President Trump… Florida needs to step up and be a leader on this issue.

The goal is to create a highway named after President Trump that stretches from coast to coast.

We can win this fight, Royal.

Losers like Liz Cheney PROVE when conservatives and Trump supporters band together we can defeat the Establishment.

Please show your support by adding your name to the Donald J. Trump Highway petition!


Add My Name – Support The Donald J. Trump Highway!


Thank you,


Anthony Sabatini

Florida State Representative

Personal cell number: 352-455-2928












Dangerous’ New Wave of Censorship Culminating in the US: Dershowitz


The removal of Lt. Col. Matthew Lohmeier from the U.S. Space Force this month after he publicly stated his opposition to Marxism and critical race theory is part of a broader, more dangerous new wave of censorship that is culminating in the United States, says constitutional expert Alan Dershowitz.

In an interview with Epoch TV’s “Crossroads,” Dershowitz, a former Harvard Law School professor, expressed concern over Lohmeier’s dismissal, as well as other incidents such as the removal of former President Donald Trump from Twitter, Facebook, and other Big Tech platforms in January following the Jan. 6 Capitol breach.

The Space Force on May 19 relieved Lohmeier from the 11th Space Warning Squadron over allegations that he was “politically partisan” when he denounced the spread of Marxism in the military during an interview.

In explaining his dismissal, the department said Lohmeier made “public comments” deemed to be “partisan political activity.” Lohmeier in a podcast warned about the spread of Marxist ideology within the military and the detrimental consequences of Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin’s agenda to push critical race theory.

Critical race theory, which is rooted in Marxism, has been heavily promulgated throughout academia, entertainment, government, schools, and the workplace in recent years, coming to new prominence following the rise of far-left groups such as Antifa and Black Lives Matter. Some employers have included concepts from the doctrine—which some claim teaches that the United States is a fundamentally racist country and that one race is inherently superior to another—in their “racial and cultural sensitivity” training.

Like Marxism, it advocates for the destruction of institutions, such as the Western justice system, free-market economy, and orthodox religions, while demanding that they be replaced with institutions compliant with the theory’s ideology.

The legal scholar and author of the new book, “The Case Against the New Censorship: Protecting Free Speech From Big Tech, Progressives, and Universities,” accused Democrats and Big Tech companies of engaging in censorship.

“We’re in a very, very dangerous situation now where the left, which has enormous influence on American universities, has enormous influence on social media, has enormous influence on certain kinds of politics in the media, are trying to suppress free speech, and they’re succeeding, and we have to fight back,” Dershowitz said.

Big Tech companies such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google are today engaging in “massive censorship” that endangers the freedom of speech itself, Dershowitz said.

“That’s not good for the country, it’s not good for the Constitution, it’s not good for freedom of speech. It’s not good by any standards, and it has to stop. And we the consumers have to demand that Facebook and YouTube and Twitter stop this censorship,” he continued.

Twitter executives have indicated that Trump—who had about 90 million followers on the platform—will remain suspended indefinitely, while Facebook’s “Oversight Board” ruled earlier this month to uphold his ban but set a time limit on it.

The companies have also drawn intense scrutiny for perceived political bias and alleged unbalanced moderation of users’ content. Critics say much of the companies’ moderation in the past year has unfairly targeted conservative speech and speech from individuals deemed to be supporters of Trump.

Meanwhile, groups on the other side of the aisle have been taking issue with how social media companies are operating, claiming that the Silicon Valley companies have failed to adequately address misinformation that is being proliferated online.

“What Donald Trump tweets—I may disagree with every single word he says—but he has the right to say it. And more importantly, people forget the First Amendment has two aspects, one, the right of the speaker—Donald Trump to speak—that’s one part of it,” Dershowitz said.

“But the second part, which is largely ignored, is the right of you and me the public to hear and read and see what he has to say to accept it or reject it in the marketplace of ideas,” he added. “When you ban a speaker, you also ban his viewers and listeners from having access to that speech, and that’s an equally dangerous aspect of violating free speech rights.”

Janita Kan contributed to this report.

The Left Doesn’t Want You to Believe in DeSantis Claus

April 10, 2021

Is the race for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination already over? “60 Minutes” seems to think so. They did a dishonest hatchet job on one governor, leaving all the others jealous that the media doesn’t think enough of them to try and destroy them before they become Joe Biden’s nemesis. That governor is Ron DeSantis of Florida.

“60 Minutes” didn’t attack Greg Abbott of Texas. They didn’t attack Kristi Noem of South Dakota. They didn’t attack Doug Ducey of Arizona, or even Brian Kemp of Georgia. “60 Minutes” admitted which Republican fuels its nightmares by attacking Florida Man Ron DeSantis.

Governor Ron DeSantis is just 42 years old. He may only be 5-feet-9-inches, but Florida’s 46th governor is currently America’s wise giant. He’s the most popular and the most successful governor in the land. DeSantis is the governor who is calling the shots for all the others.  Read More