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North Korea is relying on the internet more, creating an opening for the US


new report by Recorded Future, a private cybersecurity company, found that the North Korean regime is growing more reliant on cyber operations as a “critical tool for revenue generation, gaining access to prohibited technologies and knowledge, and operational coordination.” This reality warrants greater scrutiny from Washington and the broader international community. Fortunately, Recorded Future’s report could help the United States and its allies counter North Korean cyber activities, as the report discloses Pyongyang’s key vulnerabilities: North Korea’s increasing cyber activity depends on foreign support for network infrastructure.

Recorded Future found that the network activity of the North Korean regime increased by 300 percent since 2017. This is likely due to increased bandwidth capacity. In 2017, Russian telecommunications company TransTelecom agreed to provide Pyongyang with a new internet connection that expanded North Korea’s international bandwidth capacity. Read More…